Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Russia
Russian Federation


The article substantiates writing a methodology to study the present condition and development of production technologies at Russian manufacturing enterprises in the context of priority scientific and technological development of Russian economy. The basic methodology used in the study are system and process approaches that are applied to the scientific and practical material of general systems theory, organization theory, as well as engineering and technological approach. The scientific concept of production technologies development at manufacturing enterprises is aimed at identifying the multifaceted nature of technologies and expanding multiple use of new technologies in domestic manufacturing industry within the framework of priorities for the scientific and technical complex of the Russian Federation. A business model that can provide achieving of the task, affect the technology orientation of a manufacturing enterprise and the choice of an acceptable business decision is proposed and substantiated as a practical implementation of the concept of production technologies development. The main applications of obtained results will be adjusting the content of state programs by adding subprograms (sections) on technical re-equipment in accordance with new technological mode; identifying the events aimed at supporting research in the field of digital and additive production, robotics, and new production technologies in competitions held among institutes for the development


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