The Institute for Artificial Intelligence Research and Development of Serbia, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia

General Hospital „New Hospital“, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia


For businesses, geopolitics is observed and addressed at the national and regional levels. Given that human resources play a central role in the functioning of enterprises, the ongoing challenge is to employ a variety of human resource management practices in response to crises. Therefore, organizational human resource management policies deserve a strong examination in terms of their impact on the business of enterprises, especially in times of crisis, as a result of geopolitical changes. The paper presents a survey on the attitudes of employees, and it was done on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, through a questionnaire. The questionnaire was distributed via a link, where the questions were with the answers offered, and also presented through the five-point Likert scale. The results are calculated through the SPSS program. Research can serve as a backbone for businesses to improve human resource management, especially in times of crisis. In accordance with the received answers, companies will get an insight into the importance of employee attitudes, and guidelines for further growth and development.


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