OAI-PMH Metadata Harvesting

Novi Ekonomist supports OAI-PMH. Metadata for all the articles published on noviekonomist.info is available via its OAI-PMH service.

Noviekonomist.info is validated and listed as valid OAI provider on:

The Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Metadata Harvesting Protocol (PMH) provides an interoperability framework for networked digital repositories to exchange metadata records on their holdings. Such metadata typically includes bibliographic-type descriptions of repository items, such as title, authors and other identifying information.

Novi Ekonomist supports OAI-PMH protocol version 2.0.

A user forms interface to the Novi Ekonomist’s OAI-PMH service is available at:

Metadata formats

Metadata for all articles on noviekonomist.info is available in Dublin Core format ("oai_dc"), and also in PRISM Aggregator Message ("pam") format. Further details on these metadata formats are available here:


Note that only Dublin Core is supported for the Novi Ekonomist OAI-PMH service.