University of Beolgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, Serbia


The complexity of the business conditions of the mineral sector companies requires the application of various data and information dominantly related to geological, mining, technological and economic aspects of operations. The special complexity is reflected in the interrelation between the mentioned aspects, which appears in the geological-economic analysis of the conditions and method of utilization of mineral reserves from the deposit and the perception of the profitability of such work. A significant part of the analyzed factors and indicators of the economic evaluation of the deposits by the analytical basis is related to the variability of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the mineral reserves, which has significant consequences on the balance of reserves and the degree of economic viability of their valorization. The complete coverage of relevant factor and indicator information is carried out through the appropriate method of geological and economic analysis, the final expression of which is the economic evaluation of mineral reserves. These data and information are particularly relevant for making appropriate business decisions in the operations of the mineral sector companies.


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