Facuty of Tourism and Business Logistics University Goce Delcev Stip, North Macedonia
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

Faculty of Economics University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Skopje, North Macedonia
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of


This paper aims to process and demonstrate the implementation of modern production technologies and their financing. If are taken in consideration all the technological advancements from the last decade, it’s clear that new, modern technologies have entered into every sphere of our existence, changing the way we communicate, learn and work. They didn’t bypassed the production. Today, the production process can’t be imagined without automated machines that quickly and efficiently perform the work. They are shorten the cycle time from the input of raw and materials to the output as a finished product. Further, the main component slowly becomes the Internet and all the opportunities that it offers as far as the complete coordination of the factory with all levels of management is concerned. But the implementation of modern technologies is conditioned by financing, ie investments that production companies need to make. There are many sources of funding that they can use including own and other sources. Although sometimes modern technologies can significantly reduce the company's budget, they are the main guide to the fight against competition. Without them, can’t count on increasing productivity and efficiency in operations. This makes modern technologies an inevitable part of the revolution in the production of today's time for which technologies are aware both producers and consumers.


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